billie piper

Birthname: Billie Paul Piper 
Date of birth: 1982-09-22 
Birthplace: Swindon, Wiltshire, England, UK 
Height: 5' 5" 
Nationality: British 
Profession: actress, musician 

Billie Paul Piper (born Leian Paul Piper on 22 September 1982) is an English actress. She began her career as a pop singer in her teens, she was well-known for her marriage to DJ Chris Evans, but is now best known for portraying Rose Tyler, companion to the Doctor in the television series Doctor Who from 2005 to 2006. Her role in Doctor Who consolidated her status as a household name in the United Kingdom.

Pop career

Piper's first break in the entertainment world came as a teenager, when she was selected to appear on the Saturday morning kids' television show Scratchy & Co. Piper later landed a role in a television commercial promoting the pop magazine Smash Hits. Her role was to run up to the camera, blow a bubblegum bubble and shout "Pop!" Soon after she was offered a record deal at the age of fifteen, and in 1998 became the youngest artist ever to debut at number one in the UK singles chart with "Because We Want To", released under the artist name "Billie". Her follow-up single "Girlfriend" also debuted at Number One, and her first album, Honey to the B (released immediately afterwards) debuted at Number 14 in the UK album charts. She released two further singles off the album, "She Wants You" and "Honey to the Bee"; both songs debuted at Number 3. 
Piper then took a year off to record her second album. She decided to release further records under her full name, Billie Piper. She returned to the Singles Chart in May 2000 with a new, sexier sound. She hit the Number 1 spot with "Day & Night", but her success wasn't to continue. She waited until the following September to release "Something Deep Inside". That reached Number 4 in the UK Singles Chart. In October 2000, Piper released her second album, Walk of Life, which reached Number 14 in the UK Album Chart. The song "Walk of Life", the final single off this album, was released in December 2000 and reached Number 25 in the UK Singles Chart. This proved to be Piper's last musical release, a low-key exit from the world of pop.
In 1999, Piper was nominated for two Brit Awards and was named Best Female Star at the Smash Hits Poll Winners' party, although at the latter ceremony she was reduced to tears after being viciously booed by jealous fans of Ritchie Neville, member of boyband Five, whom she was dating at the time.

Acting career

In 2003, Piper decided to end her pop career and return to her original ambition, acting. She took acting lessons while living in Los Angeles and, still a high-profile figure, quickly earned roles in the BBC Television series The Canterbury Tales (modern retellings of Chaucer's stories) and the one-off drama Bella and the Boys
Piper gained very positive reviews for these appearances, critics seemingly feeling that she was a far better actress than she was a singer.
In 2004, she appeared in the films The Calcium Kid, as the romantic interest of Orlando Bloom's character, and Things to do Before You're Thirty. Shortly before starting work on Doctor Who she filmed a starring role in the horror movie Spirit Trap, released in the summer of 2005 to generally poor reviews.
In November 2005, she starred as Hero in a BBC adaptation of Much Ado About Nothing, updated for the modern day in a similar manner to the Canterbury Tales series in which she featured, with Hero now being a weather presenter in a television station.
Piper has completed work on two television productions that are awaiting broadcast. In the first, a BBC adaptation of Philip Pullman's historical novel The Ruby in the Smoke, Piper will play protagonist Sally Lockhart, a Victorian orphan. The BBC plans to film all four of Pullman's Sally Lockhart novels, presumably with Piper continuing in the role. In 2007 she will then appear as the main character, Fanny Price, in an adaptation of Jane Austen's novel Mansfield Park, to be screened on ITV1. This will be her first acting role on television for a broadcaster other than the BBC.
Piper will next work on a touring production of Christopher Hampton's play Treats, which will open in early 2007 in Windsor.

Doctor Who

In May 2004, it was announced that Piper was to play the character Rose Tyler, companion to the Doctor in the revived series of Doctor Who, beginning in 2005. 
Piper won the Most Popular Actress category at the 2005 and 2006 National Television Awards for her work on Doctor Who. BBC News named Piper as one of its "Faces of the Year" for 2005, primarily due to her success in Doctor Who. At The South Bank Show Awards on 27 January 2006 Piper was awarded The Times Breakthrough Award for her successful transition from singing to acting. In March 2006, the Television and Radio Industries Club named Piper as best new TV talent in their annual Tric awards. In September 2006, Piper was named Best Actress at the TV Quick and TV Choice Awards.
After the completion of the first series of Doctor Who, the British media regularly released conflicting reports about how long Piper would be staying with the programme. In March 2006, Piper claimed that she would continue on Doctor Who into its third season in 2007; however, on May 10, 2006 Piper was reported to be considering quitting the series, although she did express an interest in playing a female version of The Doctor in the future (possibly related to a proposed Doctor Whospin-off series about Rose which was later dropped). On June 15, 2006, when it was announced by the BBC that she was to depart in the final episode of the second series, "Doomsday" and it has also been revealed that her decision to leave was taken a year previously, but it remained a secret until recently.
Rose leaves the show after being trapped on an alternate planet Earth, along with her family and former boyfriend. She has a final, heartbreaking scene on a beach with the Doctor, where she declares her love for him, but he is cut off as he starts to reply. Both Piper and head writer Russell T. Davies have mentioned this move was intended to leave the door open for her return to the role at a later date. Rumours about a return in the 2007 series have, however, been denied in print by Davies.

Personal life

Piper was born in Swindon, Wiltshire, England to Paul and Mandy Piper. Her parents changed her given name from "Leanne" (originally Leian) three weeks after registering her birth. Piper has one younger brother, Charlie, and two younger sisters, Harley and Ellie.
Piper grew up in Nine Elms, Swindon. She went to Brookfield Primary School in the Shaw, Swindon, and Bradon Forest Secondary School in the village of Purton. She supports Swindon Town football club. Later, she attended The Sylvia Young Theatre School. She is 1.65m tall. She is quoted as saying that "Weight doesn't matter as long as you're happy with yourself." 
Piper married businessman, television presenter, and BBC Radio 2 DJ Chris Evans in May 2001 in Las Vegas. Their marriage attracted much comment due to the sixteen-year age gap between the two. 
In recent articles, Piper has credited Evans with saving her from a particularly difficult time in her life. Their courtship began in May 2000 when Piper was promoting her new single "Day and Night" on Evans' show TFI Friday. Shortly after that appearance, Piper started a vigorous promotion for her album, Walk of Life. 
After working 16 hour days, taking laxatives, and having wild nights on the town, Piper developed cystitis. With a new album, Piper had little time to recover. In a bar in Soho, Piper collapsed as a result of a bladder infection that moved up to her kidneys and started to urinate blood. She was taken to the hospital and her publicist put out a statement that Piper was suffering from a kidney infection and exhaustion. Piper was too embarrassed to admit to her mother about the reason behind her hospital stay. Instead, she told her mother she has taken the morning after pill and had an allergic reaction to it. Shortly after the hospital stay, Piper began taking sleeping pills and would use them to "sleep her way thinner." 
In December, Piper released Walk of Life on Evans's radio show. Chris asked, "Why don't we get married and sell the photos to Hello, then give all the money to charity?" To which Piper replied, "OK, let's." She didn't think he was serious but she wasn't sure. After the show, Piper and Evans exchanged numbers. To her surprise, Chris called her and they went out to the pub and "really hit it off". Piper went to bed and the next morning a silver Ferrari was on her doorstep with a note asking for her hand in marriage. Piper feeling a shell of her former self broke up with her on-again-off again boyfriend, Ritchie Neville of Five. 
During this time, the media blamed Chris for Billie's demise but instead it was Chris who helped Billie take control of her career. Her relationship with Evans created a rift between Piper and her parents. Subsequently, the Pipers took a large sum of money in return for an exclusive on their daughter. Billie felt betrayed and ended all communication with her parents for a long time. With her marriage to Evans, Piper gave up on anorexia, drugs, and pop stardom. Then, Billie set her sights on becoming an actress. She spent some time in Los Angeles taking acting classes. Since then, she has landed lucrative film and television roles.
In October 2004, the two began a trial separation. In spring of 2005 it was confirmed that she and Evans would be divorcing. The two remain friends, and in November 2005 Piper was a guest on the first episode of her ex-husband's show OFI Sunday. As of 2006 Piper and Evans live two houses away from each other. She still refers to her ex-husband as "Mr. E" (a subtle reference to her "Mystery" marriage). 
A story in The Independent on 27 June 2006 stated that Piper has declared that she does not wish to claim any money from Evans' reported £30m wealth. "I'm not taking a penny from him," she told the Radio Times. "I think that's disgusting." They will divorce amicably in September.
Piper is currently dating law student Amadu Sowe and has expressed interest in marriage. . She has also stated that she is bi-curious.


Piper has signed a six-figure contract with publishers Hodder and Stoughton to write her autobiography, Growing Pains, which was released in the autumn of 2006.
In recent publication, an excerpt of her autobiography has been printed. Piper divulges about her battle with anorexia that developed after a television presenter called her fat when she was a 16-year-old pop star. Piper began to use laxatives as well as starvation to drop weight. During a US promotional tour, she contemplated suicide as a result of low record sales and self doubt. She admits to managing five days without food during which time she existed on nothing more than Diet Coke, coffee and cigarettes. She also stated that her relationship with Evans made her ditch her starvation diet and gave her a new zest for life.


She told New Woman magazine: "Yeah, I fancy women big time... I check them out more than I check men out. "Maybe I would want to sleep with a woman... Not Beyonce, although I like the look of her, I don't think she's that dirty."

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